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Cheat codes for War Inc.

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During game play,hold ALT and type WAR. Release ALT and type in these codes.

godmode - God mode
combo - Disable fog of war/view entire map/quickbuild/$1 million and 1,000.
moremoney - $1 million and 1,000 RU's.
autowin - Kill all ememy units.
loadunits - All units and buildings available.
dogeatdog - Double power output.
wincampaign - Win campaign.

Tons of codes

While you are in gameplay hold down Alt,and type war,and then release Alt.Then you can type in anyone of these codes
togglefog-----Makes fog of war dissapear.
viewmap-----Lets you see the whole map.
quickbuild-----Speeds up the building process.
autowin-----Destroys all enemies.
wincampaign-----Lets you win a single player game.
moremoney-----Gives you 1 million credits and 1,000 RUs.
veteran-----Increases a units rank by one.
showdanger-----Shows the danger on your tool map.
dolemite-----Gives a unit increased healing,rapid fire,and makes it faster.

(Each time you type in a code,you must retype war for another one)

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