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Cheat codes for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

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Press [Enter] to bring up the communication window and type the codes below:

Code Result
teamgod Team God Mode
avatargod Avatar God Mode
stumpy Stumpy Mode
nobrainer Brain Usage
explore No Victory Conditions
5fingerdiscount Refill Inventory
bignoggin Big Head Mode
meganoggin Mega Head Mode
clodhopper Clodhopper Mode
1-900 Heavy Breathing
turnpunchkick Side Scroller Mode
theshadowknows Invisible Mode
teamshadow Team Invisible Mode

Type the following codes for different map draw modes:

normalcolors, panickedcolors, roestatecolors, roespeedcolors, combatstatecolors, behaviorcolors, psychstatecolors, threatawarenesscolors, alertnessstatecolors, alertnessstatecolors, aiplancolors, levelmaps, testplan, drawplan, pathpointlinks, coverpoints, pathpoints, objectwalls, obstaclewalls.

Double Your Men

First, Press enter on your keyboard. Second, go to an area with terrorists surrounding you. Then in the chat box, type "gunsalldownmen", and all the terrorists in sight will turn into your teammates!

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