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Cheat codes for Rage Of Mages

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You MUST have the '#' in front of the cheats to work right. Here they are.

1. #Chicken- Enables cheat mode (CASE SENSATIVE!)
2. #modify self+god- god mode for yourself
3. #modify army+god- god mode for your army/group
4. #create NN gold- gives you gold, NN= amount you want
5. #killall- kills all enemy units
6. #pickup all- picks up all sacks (not sacks in units)
7. #show map- shows map
8. #hide map- hides map
9. #event x- shows conversations from units in current level, x= any number
10. #victory- wins mission

Almost any weapon anything

#create Very Rare ******************** Type in any thing you want from a Crystal Helm To a Meteoric Sword and in your inventory you should have what you asked for. Note: this code does not work for anything quite but mostly everything you would want.

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