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Cheat codes for One Must Fall 2097

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Special moves X 3

Hi again. This time I'll give you some special moves and how to do them RIGHT. Here they are:

Concussion Cannon: First, you have to push Down-Away (Back from where you're facing), (Note: this you HAVE to do fast) then stop pushing down so you're just doing Away and QUICKLY press Punch. This will make your robot shoot out a blue energy bolt (Note: If you've ever wondered what the heck that Fighting Mode option in Gameplay menu is for, then what it what it does is allow you to have more control over special moves in Hyper mode. Example: You fire your Concussion Cannon and your opponent jumps. How do you hit him? Well, with Hyper Mode, you can aim your shot by jumping too.).

Jaguar Leap: Just ABOUT the same as one above, only you have to change Away to Forward (the direction you're facing). NOTHING else is changed.
There's one more move but I don't know how to do it yet.


I only have one move for this robot, but I may find more in the future.

MINI-GRENADE: This is the same thing as the Concussion Cannon above, but with a different robot.

I have finished my supply of moves. I'll do my best to find more. For now, farewell, fellow gamers.

Extra Options & More Debris

To get these cool cheats, you first start up your game. At the STARTING screen, if you push the numbers 2-0-9-7 at the SAME time (this means simultaneously, all at once), you can get something called Advanced Options in the Gameplay menu. Note: I suggest doing this a couple of times to make sure you get the code. P.S. This is permanent, so don't worry. For more debris when you smash your opponent, I SUGGEST that you first pause the fight (press ESC, note: I don't know if you can do this during the fight unpaused, but I know I'm not brave enough to get pounded on to get a code I don't even know if I'll get or not but anyway,) and press SIMULTANEOUSLY (there's that word again) the letters B-I-G-#1-9 (This means that you press all the letters and the number of your choice; the bigger the number, the more debris you get). This is a great boredom-buster if you like to see parts fly everywhere.

Special Update on Codes

I am terribly sorry that this didn't get out earlier; the codes are NOT permanent. Sorry for any confusion or aggravation this may have caused you. On a lighter note, if you pick a different robot than the ones I listed, that's okay. Why? Because the same moves work on some of the other robots! Which ones? Find out!

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