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Cheat codes for Last Bronx

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On the character selection screen,highlight a fighter. Then, press[Start]thirteen times, hold that key down on the last time it is pressed and hold[Block] simultanously. Now keep both buttons held until the loading screen appears. (They get the moat funneist weapons you ever seen.)

Fight as Redeye

Complete the game in PC mode under the hard difficulty level.

Last Bronx

One of the cool features in Last Bronx is to be able to irritate your opponent by taunting him but usually your butt get kicked before you could taunt him.


There are two ways to taunt. Tapping repeatedly on the
guard button is one way (the frustrating way) or you
could do this (when facing left): down, down+left, left and start button.

Color select

Just hold start when selecting the character.

Hidden character

To use Redeye, finish the game with hardest
difficulty in PC mode. Redeye will appear when you press
up in the character select screen.

Special message?

When a character finishes the game there will be short
replays of the character with the people he wasted. Press and hold any button during the replay of you and Redeye (arcade mode, or the last character in PC mode) to hear a message from your character. What does this message
have to do with anything? I have no idea !

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