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Cheat codes for Hard Truck 2

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Cheat Codes

Pause the game and type:

Code Result
hardtruckisthebest Money and License
wininalottery Money and License
openallroads Opens All Roads
advancedmap See Hidden Containers on Map

More Thrust

Pause the game, type TURBINE, then use the following keys:

[Ctrl]+1 for Forward Thrust
[Ctrl]+2 for Backward Thrust
[Ctrl]+3 for Upward Thrust
[Ctrl]+4 for Downward Thrust

For free repair

During the game, press pause, and then type: freerecovery. Press pause again to return to the game. When you need repair just press the backspace key. It should fully repair your truck.

To take all the mines off

During a game, press pause, and then type: minesoff. This should take all the mines away. If your a beginner, this shouldn't help because the mines only come later in the game.

Unlimited Gas

During the game, press pause, then type the following: fillup. This will give you unlimited gas. Definitely comes in handy on the way to Greystone or when you're using Ctrl.+1, etc.

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