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Cheat codes for Elder Scrolls : Bloodmoon

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Cheat Codes

Bring up the console with the ~ key then enter a code below:

Get Level # setlevel [number]

Input player health sethealth [number]
Put Char in the cell ID centeroncell [cell ID] or coc [cell ID]
Set Flight setflying 1
Set Jumps setsuperjump 1
Be able to cross water setwaterwalking 1
Breathe underwater setwaterbreathing 1
Put Char in the exterior cell grid centeronexterior [x,y] or coe [x,y]
Create map image file for Xbox createmaps ["filename.esp"]
Get Gold additem "Gold_100" [number]
Set fatigue max setfatigue [number]
Input Maximum magic value setmagicka [number]
Put all entries in journal filljournal
All towns on map fillmap
Go 128 units from position fixme
Get faction reaction getfactionreaction [faction ID factionID]
help help
Show variables showvars or sv
Stop cell test stopcelltest or sct
Test cells testcells or tc
Test interior cells testinteriorcells or tic
Test models testmodels or t3d
Change AI changeai or ta
Change borders changeborders or tb
Change combat statistics changecombatstats or tcs
Change collisions changecollision or tcl
Change collision boxes changecollisionboxes or tcb
Change collision grid changecollisiongrid or tcg
Change debug text changedebugtext or tdt
Change dialogue statistics changedialoguestats or tds
Change fog of war changefogofwar or tfow
Show ownership and script name changefullhelp or tfh
Change God mode changegodmode or tgm
Change grid changegrid or tg
Change kill statistics changekillstats or tks
Change load fade changeloadfade
Change magic statistics changemagicstats or tms
Change menus changemenus or tm
Change scripts changescripts
Change stats changestats or tst
Change sky changesky or ts
Change texture string changetexturestring or tts
Change world changeworld or tw
Change wireframe changewireframe or twf
Change path grid display tpg
Show selected actor's group members sg
Show selected actor's target group members. st
Show scene graph showscenegraph or ssg
Move one to one moto
Change water twa
Change vanity mode tvm
Change script output tso
Change load fade tlf
Change AI tai
Output reference information ori
Change lights tl
Show variables sv
Show animation sa
Reset actors ra
Purge textures pt

God Mode

During gameplay hit the "`" key next to the 1 key on your keyboard. this brings up the console screen. Type "player-> TGM" and hit enter. God mode is now enabled.

Other character modifications can be made in this console. For example to add the complete Daedric Armor to your inventory, key in the following hitting enter after each entry:

player->AddItem "daedric_Shield" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_cuirass" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_greaves" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_pauldron_left" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_pauldron_right" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_gauntlet_left" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_gauntlet_right" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_boots" 1
player->AddItem "daedric_god_helm" 1
player->AddItem "daedric dai-katana" 1

Basically any item can be added to your inventory in this manner. Check the Construction Set for the correct names of items.

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