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Cheat codes for Earth 2150

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Cheat Codes

Press [Return], and type in "I_wanna_cheat". Then hold the left [SHIFT] and [0] on the Keypad and press [Return] at the same time. Now press [Return], type in the cheat and [Return] again.

Code Result
x-mas_pack Full Repair and Reload Ammo
fireworks Mines
i_love_this_game # Give # of CR
i_hate_limits # Set Unit Limit to # CR
einstein 1 Fast Explore On (0 for Off)
help_me_please!!! 1 Fast Explore On - Player Only (0 for Off)
the_hammer_of_thor Kil All Enemies at Range of 8
massacre Kills All Objects at Range of 8
see_you_next_life Destroy Selected Unit
hasta_la_vista_enemigos Destroy All Visible Units and Objects
bad_time_bad_place Damage All Near Units
eagle_eye See All
let_be_darkness Fog
no_one_hides See All Units
no_more_secrets Full Map
armageddon Meteor Shower

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