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Cheat codes for Damage Incorporated

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Level Select

At the main menu hold [ALT] and [CTRL], select"New", to display the level select sceen,note:The levels aren`t in order.

Cool Cheats

While playing the game,hold[CTRL] and type one of the folloing cheats,if you typed the code correctly you will hear the sound of breaking glass:
god mode [I havent done it yet.] {atheist}
mission objectives complete {qed}
mission skip {soia}
have ten access codes [you can`t have over ten] {axes}
have all gernades {horse}
palls have all weapons [They allready have unlimuted ammo] {thrill}
you have all weapons,ammo,full health [You don`t have full ammo] {aslag}
area extraction zone {ext}
one beserk pall [He dies on the next level] {hdcs}
enemy(green)and items(white)on map {godeye}
you have a flamthower {tozt}
freezes eveyone exept you [If you burn someone they will be burnt in midair] {klatu}
full armor {arm}
full health {hell}
unlimited oxygen [Even if you step out then in] {oxy}
infrared vision [The walls are red the bad guys are blue,and acts as if there was a light too] {acid}
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