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Cheat codes for Backyard Basketball

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Get Awesome Team

Select Barry Dejay (Unlock Him), Jocinda Smith, Dmitri Petrovitch, Kenny Kawaaguchi, and Pablo Sanchez for your team and you should make at least 100 points with them.

Thor Herring

Go to custom player and enter LEMON BOY as a name. Select "Done" twice and he will appear.

Bonus Courts

Every time you advance past a round in the playoffs, the court for that round will be unlocked in single game and practice modes. Win the championship to unlock the championship court and another secret court.

Play as Barry Dejay

Go to the "Players Draft Screen" and click on "Create a Player" and type in Barry Dejay. Then click done twice and the real Barry Dejay will appear with perfect stats.

Dante's 3 Pointer Sweet Spot

Dante's sweet spot for shooting 3 pointers is right in the middle of the line and he makes almost every one.

Play as Shaquille O'Neal

Go to Custom Player and enter SHAQ as a name. Select "DONE" twice and he will appear.

Play as Kobe Bryant

Go to the "Custom Player" and enter KOBE as a name . Select "DONE" twice and he will appear.

Cool Player

When you make your Custom Team make a players nickname "The Hammer" when you do this you will have your own Tony Soprano.

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