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Cheat codes for Backyard Baseball 2003

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The Love Bird

Everytime you pick Billy Jean Blackwood and Marky Dubois together Marky Dubois powers up, but Billy Jean Blackwood loses skill points.

Play Better With Maria

Maria plays pretty well , but she plays even better if shes on a team with the uniforms pink.

Play on Your Birthday

Try to play a game on one of your player's birthdays. Their birthdays are listed on their cards, and they play really well on their special days. If you have the twins on your team, play on February 18, when you get two birthdays for the price of one.

All in the Family

When playing, pick Sally Dobbs as well as Ronny Dobbs. Picking them both will power up Sally and bring down Ronny to almost nothing.

Get Mr. Clanky

Go throuth an entire season. Then win the Division Championship, the playoffs, the leauge championship series and the Backyard World Series. Then go to the main menu you'll see a Mr. Clanky statue in the hall of fame. Click on it and the next time you'll play you'll be able to play as Mr. Clanky. When you do this cheat again just click on the Mr. Clanky ststue then play. Note: This only works in Single Game mode!

Unlock legends

Go to create a team and create a team called the Mighty Monters,and the colors all black,and has to be a perfict season without any loses. And you will get players like Babe Ruth, Ken Griffy JR, Mark Maguire, Sammy Sosa and some more.

Gaint Players

Create a team and pick Pablo Sanchez and dont let him get out for the 1st game.

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