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Cheat codes for Madden NFL 2002

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Passing tip

If you hold down the button of the receiver that you would like to throw to, it'll throw a bullet to him. If you only tap the button, it'll throw a lob to him.

Receiving tip

When there are two or more guys defending your receiver and you throw to him.If you dont catch it, as soon as the ball hits either you or the defenders and they don't catch it, press Y or B to increase your chances of catching the tipped ball.

Unlimited Creations Points

Create a player. Then at the Roster, go to Edit Player. Highlight the player you want to edit and press Right to get to Speed. Now press A, A.

Dancing into the endzone

Press L or R before running into the endzone and your player may do a dance. Note: He must be wide open.

Thanksgiving commentary

Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

Christmas commentary

Set the system date to December 25 to hear Pat Summerall will say ''Season's Greetings''.

New Year's commentary

Set the system date to January 1 to hear James Brown (JB) say "Happy New Year".

Unlimited Money in franchise mode

First, select season mode. Next, choose a team, but do not select "Start" yet. Go to "Salary Cap" and change it to "No". Play all the games of your season. When a prmpt appears asking you to convert season to franchise, select "OK". Choose your team to play with again and resume to the off-season schedule. When you want to sign a player, you will see "No Cap" at the top. You may now sign anyone of your choice.

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