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Cheat codes for James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing

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Defeat Diavlo

To defeat Diavlo you must shoot for the circle at the top of the laser !

The Golden Gun

At the pause screen, press X, Y, A, X, Y

Arena Mode

Complete the first level of the co-op mode.

Characters and Arenas

Unlock the following by earning the appropriate number of multi player points, earned by completing objectives in co-op mode.

Agent 003: 290 points
Baron Samedi: 50 points
Burn Chamber arena: 370 points
Arena Mode, and Cistern arena: 30 points
Diayato Moscow: 400 points
Egypt Commander: 90 points
Egypt Guard: 180 points
Hezmet Guard: 110 points
Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points
Le Rogue: 260 points
Miss Nagai: 450 points
Moscow Guard: 230 points
Mya: 130 points
Odd Job: 70 points
Serena: 350 points
Serena: 430 points
South Commander: 210 points
Test Lab arena: 160 points

Various Cheats

Unlock the following by earning the appropriate number of Platinum Medals, earned by completing objectives in single player mode.

All Weapons: 17 Platinum Medals
Cloak: 13 Platinum Medals
Double Ammo: 7 Platinum Medals
Double Damage: 9 Platinum Medals
Full Ammo: 11 Platinum Medals
Full Battery: 15 Platinum Medals
Golden Gun: 1 Platinum Medal
Improved Battery: 5 Platinum Medals
Improved Traction: 3 Platinum Medals
Platinum Gun: 27 Platinum Medals
Slow Motion Driving: 25 Platinum Medals
Unlimited Ammo: 23 Platinum Medals
Unlimited Battery: 19 Platinum Medals

No Medals With Cheats

If you activate a cheat, such as the Golden Gun, you will not be awarded a medal for completing the mission, no matter how well you do.

Regain Health

Crouch to slowly refill your health.

Improved Battery

Choose a level when you can use your nano suit press start/pause and press X, B, B, A, X and you will hear a sound that lets you know you put it in.

Improved Traction

Play a level when you drive a car, motorcycle, or SUV, press start/pause. Press the following letters X,A,A,B,Y and you will hear a sound that tells you that you put it in correctly.

Eliminating enemies quickly

While you are facing a lot of enemies, press L to aim and shoot with R. Continue to press L and you will go from enemy to enemy, weakening each without eliminating one by one. You can also do that and dodge shots if they get a chance to shoot you by pressing B.

Multiplayer unlockables

Cistern (Level) - 30 points required
Baren Samedi - 50 points required
Odd Job - 70 points required
Egypt Commander - 90 points required
Hazmat Guard - 110 points required
Mya - 130 points required
Test Lab (Level) - 160 points required
Egypt Guard - 180 points required
South Commander - 210 points required
Moscow Guard - 230 points required
Le Rouge - 260 points required
003 - 290 points required
Katya Jumpsuit - 320 points required
Serena - 350 points required
Burn Chamber (Level) - 370 points required
Diavolo Moscow - 400 points required
Serena - 430 points required
Miss Nagai - 450 points required

Unlock multi-player arenas

Burn Chamber: 370 points
Cistern: 30 points
Test Lab: 160 points

Bond gadgets

Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the Bond gadget.

EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge
Frag Grenade: Ground Zero
Network Tap: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Cloak: Sand Storm
Q-Spider: Sand Storm
Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Spider Explosive: A Show of Force
Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan
Rappel: Ground Zero
RC Car: Sand Storm
Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm
Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm
Thermovision: Ground Zero

Neat Trick

On the level Mardi Gras Mayhem, when you get to the gumbo diner, get in the truck without putting your vanquish in. You will not get it back for thje rest of the level, though. Note: It is near impossible to kill the limo at the end with the truck.

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