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Cheat codes for Silent Hill

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Hidden Menu Screen

After beating and saving the game the next time you enter the "Options" menu, press L1, or L2. This should reveal a new list of options, including extra ammo. Instead of picking up 1 box the values can be changed as much as 3x's the value, ( 1 box= 45 rounds rather than 15 rounds). Happy hunting!

Extra Health Drinks in Hospital

For three Heath drinks, search the wrecked Drink-machine in the first floor for health drinks.

Get Gold Sun Plate

In the Primary School go to the information desk inside of the school and there are papers on the desk written in Blood. Read them then go to the Chemstry store room and get some bleech on a shelf and go into the Chemistry lab and use the bleech on the hand to get the Gold Sun.

Finding the Silver Medallion

Get to the school. When you get to the room with the piano, first press the 3rd key (White), then press the 10th key (White). Then press the 11th key (Black), then press the 8th key (White). Now press the 2nd key (Black). They should all have been dead keys. The Silver Medallion should now have been released.
Important note: you should already have the Gold Medallion inserted into the clock tower for the Medallion to be accessible.

Zodiac Room Tip

In the room with the Zodiac Signs, click the digit according to the amount of limbs in the picture (from left to right; Sagittarius:6, Taurus:4, Gemini:8).

Easy way to beat Cybil

In the hospital get the plastic bottle from the kitchen. Then go to the room with the red liquid. Use the bottle to scoop up some of the liquid. Then when you have to fight Cybil use it on her when she gets close to you.

Rock drill

Beat the game once with a good ending or a good+ ending and when you start your next game you'll find a tank of gas in the gas station and a rock drill in the bottom of the draw bridge control room .

The UFO Ending

Remember the Channeling Stone you picked up in the Convinence Store? Well, you can use it to get the fifth and starngest ending of Silent Hill. Once you use the Stone at the five locations below, you'll find out you have been summoning aliens! They willl converge at the Lighthouse and take you to meet their leader. It's not the geratest ending but its pretty funny and it will give you a secret weapon to use from the start of you Gold Save game: the Hyperbalster (it looks like the Namco GunConand fires a piercing laser)!

The places to use the stone are:

1.School Rooftop
2.Alchemilla Hospital Courtyard (before you fight the moth)
3.Motel Parking Lot
5.Lighthouse Rooftop

You must do it in this order.

The Katana and Hammer

Of all the secret weapons in Silent Hill, the Hammer and Katana are two of my favorites, although not your normal weapons. To get them:

The Hammer
While your exploring the basement of the alternate Alchemilla Hospital, youll have a chance to pick up the Hammer from the Generator Room. Make sure you snag it!The Hammer is powerful, but it handles like a log and you cant walk while its drawn.Enjoy!

The Katana
One of the hardest weapons to obtain, the Katana is available to the lucky/skilled gamers who beat Silent Hill on Hard diffuculty. If you manage to get a decent rating, and got your hands on the Hyperbalster (see UFO ending code), the Katana will appear in the ending ranking screen's circle of Next Fear secret weapons. Using your gold save, start a new game and proceed to the part of the game where you must enter the house on Levin Street. Check the previously locked door inside and it will now be open! Inside youll find the Katana in a small alcove along the back wall.

(For all those who dont know yet the Katana is a really cool sword. Dog Sushi anyone?)

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