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Cheat codes for Shane Warne Cricket '99

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At the main menu ,go into Match and then Classic Match. Go down to Password and enter the following codes -:

dropball-Makes opposing team drop all catches.
pensions-gets you the worlds best players.
solidoak-Makes it so that you can't get bowled.
superman-gives your team super batting strength.
chrisrea-gives you the helmet-cam.
nowayeas-gives you all classic matches

After entering each code press START to enable them.

Level Passwords

02 Overtime
03 Sausages
04 Dillbert
05 Batkings
06 Pancakes
07 Friedegg
08 Placebo1
09 Clueless
10 Nowayeas

Play on the beach and have a huge ball

Go to "match" then to "Classic Matches" and enter the following cheat.

Bigballs-Makes the Cricket Ball bigger

Harder Hitting

To get harder hitting go to "match" then "Classic Matches" and there is a part down at the botom of the screen saying "level001" There enter "superman" and push "x" and you should hear a sound. If so you have unlocked Harder Hitting.

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