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Cheat codes for Dark Arena

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All keys

Enter KNGHTSFR as a password.

All maps

Enter LMSPLLNG as a password.

All weapons

Enter THRBLDNS as a password.

Unlimited ammunition

Enter NDCRSDRT as a password.

Unlimited health

Enter HLGNDSBR as a password.

Level skip

Enter NFTRWLLH as a password. Go to the map screen, and press Select to advance to the next level.

Sound effects test

Enter CRSDR as a password. Enter the game options menu, then set "Sound FX" to "Off", then back "On" to hear a random sound.

God mode

Enter S_X_N as a password. Note "_" indicates a space. This code activates unlimited health, all weapons, all keys, unlimited ammunition, all maps, and the level skip features.

Cheat Mode

Enter NRYRDDS as a password this disables rest of the long passwords the following can now be enter:

God mode:ALL
Infinte health:HEALTH
Infinte ammo:AMMO
All weapons:WEAPONS
All keys:KEYS
All maps:MAPS
Level skip:SKIP
Sound effect test:SFX TEST
To disable cheat mode enter:PWORD

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