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Cheat codes for Madden NFL 2002

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Money Plays: Arizona Cardinals

Offense: Singleback-Normal
Play: WR Fade
This play draws a lot of attention away from Rob Moore's route, which is where all the money's at. Two receivers stack to the right and Michael Pittman runs a little button hook up through the middle. But you'll want to be chucking the ball up to Moore. If he's in single coverage, take a two or three step drop and lob the ball up. Moore has the wheels to run under it and wrestle it away from a defender. This is especially effective if they're blitzing. If (for some reason) Moore is doubled, dump the ball off to Pittman, or roll Plummer out and run to the space vacated to the right.

Offense: I-Form-Normal
Play: Max Protect
This is the touchdown-getter from about the twenty yardline in. As the name suggests, Plummer will have all the time in the world to throw it, unless you are going against some tenacious D-lineman. Both WRs run post routes. Look at Moore on the right side first. He's usually single-covered and he'll get inside the DB and camp for the ball. You can also toss to Boston on the left, but watch out for the hidden safety ranging over to make a pick. Roll Plummer to the right if throwing to Moore to give yourself more of a chance.

Player Cards

When you play one of these cards during gameplay, your player will get a ratings boost. There are three different versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze gives your player a 25% ratings boost for a single play, Silver gives him a 25% boost until the end of the quarter and Gold gives the boost until the end of the half.

Card - Player

1 James Allen
2 Marcus Robinson
3 Brian Urlacher
4 Corey Dillon
5 Takeo Spikes
6 Peter Warrick
7 Sam Cowart
8 Rob Johnson
9 Eric Moulds
10 Mike Anderson
11 Brian Griese
12 Ed McCaffrey
13 Trevor Pryce
14 Rod Smith
15 Courtney Brown
16 Tim Couch
17 Wali Rainer
18 Mike Alstott
19 Derrick Brooks
20 Warrick Dunn
21 John Lynch
22 Keyshawn Johnson
23 Warren Sapp
24 David Boston
25 Jake Plummer
26 Frank Sanders
27 Darren Bennett
28 Doug Flutie
29 Rodney Harrison
30 Freddie Jones
31 Junior Seau
32 Derrick Alexander
33 Donnie Edwards
34 Tony Gonzalez
35 Eric Hicks
36 Marvin Harrison
37 Edgerrin James
38 Peyton Manning
39 Mike Peterson
40 Mike Vanderjagt
41 Dexter Coakley
42 Raghib Ismail
43 Emmitt Smith
44 Jay Fiedler
45 Oronde Gadsden
46 Sam Madison
47 Brock Marion
48 Lamar Smith
49 Jason Taylor
50 Zach Thomas
51 Hugh Douglas
52 Chad Lewis
53 Donovan McNabb
54 Corey Simon
55 Jeremiah Trotter
56 Troy Vincent
57 Jamal Anderson
58 Ray Buchanan
59 Shawn Jefferson
60 Jessie Tuggle
61 Jeff Garcia
62 Terrell Owens
63 Bryant Young
64 Jessie Armstead
65 Tiki Barber
66 Kerry Collins
67 Ike Hilliard
68 Jason Sehorn
69 Michael Strahan
70 Amani Toomer
71 Tony Boselli
72 Kyle Brady
73 Mark Brunell
74 Kevin Hardy
75 Keenan McCardell
76 Jimmy Smith
77 Fred Taylor
78 Wayne Chrebet
79 Victor Green
80 Mo Lewis
81 Curtis Martin
82 Vinny Testaverde
83 Desmond Howard
84 Johnnie Morton
85 Robert Porcher
86 James Stewart
87 LeRoy Butler
88 Brett Favre
89 Ahman Green
90 Antonio Freeman
91 Darren Sharper
92 Eric Davis
93 Mike Minter
94 Muhsin Muhammad
95 Wesley Walls
96 Drew Bledsoe
97 Terry Glenn
98 Ty Law
99 Willie McGinest
100 Lawyer Milloy
101 Greg Biekert
102 Tim Brown
103 Rich Gannon
104 Charlie Garner
105 Andre Rison
106 Tyrone Wheatley
107 Charles Woodson
108 Isaac Bruce
109 Marshall Faulk
110 Torry Holt
111 Orlando Pace
112 Kurt Warner
113 Aeneas Williams
114 Elvis Grbac
115 Qadry Ismail
116 Jamal Lewis
117 Ray Lewis
118 Michael McCrary
119 Jonathon Ogden
120 Shannon Shape
121 Matt Stover
122 Rod Woodson
123 Champ Bailey
124 Stephen Davis
125 Bruce Smith
126 Jeff Blake
127 La'Roi Glover
128 Joe Horn
129 Ricky Williams
130 Shaun Alexander
131 Cortez Kennedy
132 Levon Kirkland
133 Marcus Robertson
134 Anthony Simmons
135 Shawn Springs
136 Ricky Watters
137 Jerome Bettis
138 Jason Gildon
139 Kordell Stewart
140 Dewayne Washington
141 Blaine Bishop
142 Eddie George
143 Jevon Kearse
144 Steve McNair
145 Samari Rolle
146 Frank Wycheck
147 Cris Carter
148 Daunte Culpepper
149 Robert Griffith
150 Randy Moss

Houston Texans

After the first season in franchise mode, do the expansion draft for the Houston Texans.

Unlimited creation points

Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

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