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Cheat codes for Madden NFL 2001

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Instant Super Bowl Berth

Highlight the Playoff screen. Select your team, but do not hit the X button to select them. You must press R1 and X simultainously in order for the code to work and a cheat buzzer to sound off. Instead of waiting for the buzzer to end, you must press R2 and Triangle simultainiously. You will now be transported to the selection screen where you select the teams/players/stadium involved in the Superbowl.

Touchdown Celebrations

To perform different Touchdown Celebrations just press one of the following button combinations immediately following a touchdown.

Say A Prayer:
Hold L1 + Triangle

Spike The Football:
Hold L1 + X

Hip Thrust:
Hold L1 + Square

Jump Spike:
Hold L1 + Circle

Shoulder Shake:
Hold L1 + R1

Slam Dunk:
Hold L1 + R2

Unlock Entire Set of Madden Cards

Right before you buy a new packet of cards, press and hold L1, L2, R1 and R2. Then buy the pack of cards. Reset your PlayStation while still holding these buttons, and when you return to the card viewing screen, you will have recieved almost 500 cards including the cheats cards!

Unstoppable Player

Create your own player like you would normally. Goto edit player. go over to the second column (up and down) and press X. Then go into the menu and raise all of the stats to 99. (100 is impossible).

Player 1 automatically wins all the time

If you are playing a friend in Multiplayer and you want to win every time then punch in at the main screen: L1+R2+X+O+L2+R1. Hit them simultaniously.

Unlock All Players

From the 'Secret Codes' Menu, enter any of the following codes to unlock all players on that team:

Unlocked Team Code
Giants Biggiants
49ers Goldniners
Jets Greenjets
Bears Brownbears
Lions Silverlions
Bills Bluebills
Packers Yellowpacks
Broncos Buckingbroncos
Panthers Bigcats
Chargers Bluechargerst
Patriots Redpats
Chiefs Redchiefs
Raiders Silverraids
Colts Whitecolts
Rams Goldramst
Cowboys Bluecowboys
Redskins Redindianst
Dolphins Aquafins
Saints Marchingins
Eagles Greeneagles
Steelers Blacksteels
Falcons Blackfalcons
Vikings Conquerd

Unlock Historic Teams

From the 'Secret Codes' Menu, enter any of the following codes to unlock the Historical Team:

Unlocked Team Code
1957 49ers team Goldrush
1977 Raiders Theghosts
1957 Lions team Lionpower
1978 Dolphins Cannedtuna
1958 Colts team Stables
1978 Chargers team Roller
1958 Giants team Jollygreen
1978 Oilers team Earl
1960 Eagles Greenwingst
1978 Raiders team Holy
1962 Oilers team Therewasaman
1978 Steelers team Dynasty
1962 Texans team Getem
1979 Cowboys team Comeback
1966 Chiefs team Megiveyou
1979 Bucaneers Pirates
1966 Cowboys team Whoshotjr
1981 49ers team Thecatch
1966 Packers team Champs
1981 Bengals team Tigers
1967 Cowboys team Tundra
1981 Chargers team Ironman
1967 Packers team Snowplow
1981 Cowboys team Nochance
1967 Rams team Blitzer
1983 Raiders Homesick
1968 Colts team Shocker
1984 Dolphins team Dantheman
1968 Raiders team Heidi
1985 Bears team Upset
1968 Jets team Tvtimeout
1985 Falcons team Flyaway
1969 Chiefs team Nofluke
1985 Patriots team Blowout
1969 Vikings Allflukea
1986 Broncos team Thedrive
1970 Jets Damnyankeest
1988 Bengals Nohopea
1970 Browns team Mnf
1989 Broncos team Crushed
1970 Vikings Peopleeater
1990 Raiders Oneeyed
1971 Chiefs team Overtime
1990 Bills team Wideright
1971 Cowboys Starsa
1991 Falcons team Neonlights
1971 Dolphins Longestgame
1991 Lions Toomuch
1972 Raiders Sourd
1992 Cowboys Howboutem
1972 Colts team Airshow
1992 Bills team Comebackkid
1972 Dolphins team Perfect
1993 Bills team Notagain
1972 Steelers team Lucky
1994 49ers Bythebays
1973 Bengals Junglecats
1994 Broncos Oucha
1974 Dolphins Defenderst
1994 Chargers team Charge
1974 Raiders Struggles
1996 Packers team Almost
1974 Vikings Tarka
1996 Panthers team Defense
1974 Steelers team Steelcurtain
1998 49ers team Thecatchtwo
1975 Cowboys team Hailmary
1998 Packers team Noluck
1975 Vikings team Purple
1998 Vikings team Missedchance
1977 Colts Ghosttothepost
1999 Rams Nowhereman
1977 Cowboys Usateam
1999 Titans Miracleplays

Unlock Madden Teams

From the 'Secret Codes' Menu, enter any of the following codes to unlock the All Madden team:

Unlocked Team Code
1984 All-Madden team Madden84
1985 All Madden Team Mad1985
1986 All-Madden team 86madden
1987 All Madden Team 1987mad
1988 All-Madden team Madden88
1989 All Madden Team Mad1989
1990 All-Madden team 90madden
1991 All Madden Team 1991mad
1992 All-Madden team Madden92
1993 All Madden Team Mad1993
1994 All-Madden team 94madden
1995 All Madden Team 1995madn
1996 All-Madden team Madden96
1997 All Madden Team Mad1997
1998 All-Madden team 98madden
1999 All Madden Team 1999mad

Infinite creation points

Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Top 10 Passers in NFL History

Try to win a game (Vs. computer or someone else) by only throwing the football. Do not run the ball at anytime( i.e. punt return, kickoff return or offense, or an interception on defense. If you win, the top 10 passers in NFL history will be added to you free agent list in season or franchise mode. They will play for very little money. They make a great addition to any team.

The Showtime celebrations

If you are on a break away run, if you press either R1, R2, L1 or L2 you will do different showtime celebrations.

Keep the Defense off Balance

When you run out of bounds, if you hold down the no huddle button you can run the offense again without picking a play. It keeps the defense off balance.

Unlimited John Madden All Millennium Team

First you need all 297 Madden Card. Then pick a Madden Card you don't want like Sugar Buzz and sell all the cards you have for Sugar Buzz and till you have zero for that card. Then start buying Madden Cards, each time you buy a pack of Madden card you will receive a John Madden All Millennium Team. It will not show up in the pack, but you will receive one John Madden All Millennium Team each pack you buy.

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