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Cheat codes for Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

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Dolphin soccer

On the Powers of Levitation level, swim to the large central building underwater, and circle it until you find the Information Shard. Enter the structure here, and head down the tunnel until you find an oval door near the bottom. This passage is divided by doors that dilate open when you get near them. Head straight down the tunnel until you reach the room at the end. There you will find a clan member and a bubbler in the center of the chamber. Turn and face the entrance, and you will notice an oval section of wall to the left moving slightly in the current. Swim through it to find a secret room. Inside is a stealth power-up. Take it and return straight back. There is a pair of yellow lights at the back of the room. Touch your nose to the right one to be taken to Dolphin's World Championship soccer match.

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