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Cheat codes for Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002

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Recommended teams

The best team to choose when first starting include Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

Recommended players

Goal keepers: Buffon and Abbiati
Forwards: Ravanelli, Sergio, Owen, and Trezeguet
Defenders: Carragher, Woodgate, Gavin, and Kaladze
Midfield: Maresca, McPhail, Ambrosini, and Fiore

Easy Money

Choose a club that has high transfer money and loan money, such as Manchester United or Liverpool, Loan out about 50 to 70 million and set the repayment date to 12 months. Your transfer money would now be around 74 million. Next, buy some good players such as Zidane, Del Piero, and Figo, who are priced heavily by their clubs. You should then have around 5 to 10 million remaining for your transfer money. Price any unwanted/bad players at 55 million or above and wait
a few months. Your transfer money should decrease every month. At some point, you will not have enough transfer money to pay up. A message will appear stating that your team has been forced to sell one of those unwanted players for 55
million in a bid to support their financial crisis. You now should have about 32 million in transfer money (some of it was used to pay a bit of your loan). You can now buy more good players or repeat the cycle again to get some more money.

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